Thursday, May 10, 2012


I could not be more excited to share this Baby Shower with you! It's dear to my heart because it was thrown for a friend I have known since birth and now she is having a BABY!! The theme of the baby shower you ask? Dr. Seuss!

Jill, the mommy-to-be is decorating baby Molly Kate's nursery in Dr. Seuss so we have her to thank for the fun theme! I think everyone who attended will agree that this baby shower was a Seussical success! See for yourself...

...starting with the Seuss Baby Shower invitation designed for Jill & Molly Kate. Lisa (my mom) is a word genius (to say the least) and came up with the clever wording for the invitation!
 Invitation wording:

Big M.  Little m.
What begins with M?
Mini merry Molly
And her mother-to-be!

Dr. Seuss is on the loose
At a baby shower honoring
Jill Alexander Daniel

Come with a spoon
Come with the moon
Don’t come too soon
You may have to vacuum.

Saturday, May 5th
one to three
Red fish, pink fish
Oh my, oh me!

**How clever is listing the time as one to three (1pm - 3pm)??

From the front porch to the back door, we transformed the house into Seussville. 
Graphics printed from the shower invitation poked out of the front porch fern
 to add some excitement as guests entered.

These Dr. Seuss cards were a fabulous find at T.J.Maxx for $3.00! 
A ribbon & a hole punch later and these cards went from thank you notes 
to a great garland that greeted our guests at the front door!

After the Seuss garland came the entryway decorated with bright yellow curtains.

I wish I could take credit for this creation, but my creative 
mom and sister are behind this awesome handmade floral arrangement!
{crafted from paper, round magnets, pipe cleaners and sticks}

My sister, mom & I had a blast decorating the shower together.

The guest sign-in book with a funky Seuss-like pen.

Some of the guests who showed up early.

You can't have a Dr. Seuss party without red fish, blue fish. 
Our blue fish was housed in a red gumball machine!
(A steal from Ms. Rachael Currie whose blog features monthly online garage sales.)

the Seuss tablescape

the hostesses with Jill

Close-up of the Seuss centerpiece

The Seuss centerpiece was made with a wine holder, colorful Gerber daisies, 
floral moss and Seuss cut-outs.  It's surrounded by Seuss fabric ordered online.

Seuss ceiling

Snapshots of the Seuss food labels...

Red Fish. Blue Fish.

Mr. Brownies Bites.

Hop on Popcorn.

Yertle the Turtle Mud Balls.
(oreo/cream cheese balls dipped in chocolate)

Dutter, Dutter Cakecutters.
The cake matched our invitation perfectly!  
{thanks to the cake maker, Ms. Ellen Nevil}

Green Eggs and Ham.
My sister used this recipe and modified with a square pretzel instead! Didn't they turn out great?

Proo Pretzels.

Punch 1. Punch 2.

Sneetches Snickers.

Mommy-to-be complete with Cat in the Hat

Custom artwork for Molly Kate's Seuss nursery

Guests filled out mommy advice cards for Jill...

...she left with a fish bowl full of Bizzy Buzzy Baby Bits!

Now you've seen all of Seussville for yourself! 
We hope you agree it was a Seussical success.
(Funky yellow teapot also purchased from Ms. Rachael Currie's blog.) 

Lastly a note to Jill - We love you and cannot wait to meet Molly Kate!!


  1. This is super cute!! Where did you get the food labels? Did you make them?

  2. Such a cute Shower! I was wondering where you got your labels and pictures from?