Friday, March 23, 2012


Happy National Puppy Day! Did you know it was today? 
Our yellow lab named Bayley is 2.5 years old, but she still acts like a mischievous puppy! 

If you read about our new bar cart last Friday, I thought I should share further 
proof that our puppy is in love with the wine corks on our bar cart. Ironically enough,
she ate more corks last Friday...probably as I was writing my blog post. Figures.

I snapped this picture as evidence. Guilty!

Thursday, March 15, 2012


If you follow pinterest or other decorating blogs then I'm sure you have seen pictures of bar carts floating around. Fortunately, while I was antique shopping in Abilene, I came across a bar cart (for a great price of $45!) and I am now the proud owner of one!  

I was drawn to this bar cart for several reasons:
1.) It's round instead of square,
2.) I love anything gold &
3.) the shelves are glass.

One of my new favorite places to frequent is a Thrift Store down the street from our house 
where I bought these three glasses for a $1.00! Can't beat that price :)

The gold branches are from a store in Santa Fe called ACC
If you are ever in New Mexico, I suggest you visit!

Up close and personal. The bamboo detailing. My favorite part.

Unfortunately, we've lost a couple of wine corks because our dog thought they were mini chew toys, 
but we've managed to keep the rest intact.
The glass decanter was a fabulous find at a Flea Market in Clyde - $3.00!

Proof that Bayley likes to sit by our new bar cart. 
She is looking out the window, but I know she is eyeing the rest of our wine corks!!

Speaking of bars, I plan to raise mine by blogging more often.  Hold me to it!