Monday, September 10, 2012

Brassy Bargain

It's Monday, AGAIN! And you know what that means?

1.) Friday is too far away,
2.) and you can receive 10% OFF furniture at City Square Thrift!

I like to make the most of my lunch breaks which means I drive around in search of the nearest thrift stores &
estate sales. I recently came across City Square Thrift Store near my office and am happy to announce we are the proud parents of a new (technically only new to us) shiny brass coffee table. I was actually on the hunt for a campaign dresser, but happened to stumble across this diamond in the rough.

I didn't NEED this coffee table (& wasn't looking for a new one), BUT I love changing up the decor in our house AND this coffee table was a STEAL! It was originally priced at $50, but right next to the price tag was a 50% off sticker. Score! Who can resist a $25 coffee table? Not me! Which is why I couldn't pass it up...

OH, but wait! It gets even better! I get to the register and City Square offers an additional 10% off furniture on Mondays, making the grand total: $16.24! Done and done!

I shoved my $16 steal into the back of my SUV, drove back to my office and waited out the rest of the afternoon in anticipation of placing the new coffee table in our living room.....

....AND here she is! 

close-up details:

Our new coffee table is great because:

** it allows you to see more of the rug which I love,
** the bottom is a mirror-like material which creates a neat reflection of the objects in the room,
** the gold/brass color matches the design in our couch pillows and
** it brightens the overall tone of the room!

Side note: If you've ever wondered what Bayley would look like with antlers, this pic is for you :)

Bayley and I both agree, the fun thing about thrift stores is the inventory is always changing and you never know what you will find! No lunch plans today? Google thrift stores near you. Please keep me informed of any great finds. Happy Monday!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Breath of Fresh Erin
Online SALE! Priced to sell!

These decorative pieces are looking for a new loving home.
Remember that a can of spray paint can make any of these items match your decor!

A to Z book ends

ornate vintage make-up mirror

shabby chic frame
14" x 14" square

decorative branch-like holder

silver leaf decor $8

red birdhouse
{top needs some touch-up}

vintage BU decor, si'cem!
5" x 24" rectangle, can be propped up or hung.

set of 3 vases. each side varies in color.
16" tall - 20" tall - 23" tall

X marks the spot
13" tall

think outside of the box with this leaf :)
7" x 12"

wall decor/honeycomb pieces 
measurements across: 10.5", 10", 8", 6"
$25 for all 4 pieces

decorative tin star

the letter "P"
16" tall

decorative balls

"I love lamp."

alphabet chair
6" x 14", made of cardboard

decorative turquoise statue

the letter "E"

the letter "C"

curtain panels
{2 shown, but I have 4}
84" long, 2 panels = $30

shabby chic chair

If you see something you want, please shoot me an email at and we can arrange payment and pick-up! 
Hope everyone had a nice Labor Day weekend!