Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Well, I am a little late (as usual), but I hope everyone had a Hoppy Belated Easter! Clay and I had the honor of hosting Easter for his family this year and wanted to share our bunny bits with you. 

Figure I'd start from the outside in! Welcome to our front porch.

The top of this wrought iron carrot (from Pier1) was hunter green
and hard to see from the street so I painted it a lime green instead! 
Now it matches our potted plant perfectly. 

Here we are beforehand!
{my special somebunny}

The entryway greeting our Easter guests.

Above our kitchen table, I reused the brown craft paper I cut from Halloween 
and hot glued white hand-cut bunnies in place of the spooky letters.

For whatever reason, scissors + hot glue = happiness for me :)

The Easter bunny on our kitchen table was courtesy of my mom. 
{Thanks Mom! His gold jacket matched the dried billy balls great!}
 The vases are from Thrift World. What a wonderful place.

I used yellow peeps and orange tulips for the Easter centerpieces. 
Tom Thumb had a great price on tulips!

Even though we were hosting Easter, I decided not to pull out the fine china. OK, fine...I lied, we don't have any. Nevertheless, I am all for less clean up & a huge fan of disposable plates and silverware! 

Maybe displaying the disposables in a fun fashion makes me feel better. 
A snapshot of our carrot cutlery.

Our ceramic dog even got dressed up for the party with some $1 bunny ears from Target's dollar section. 
I placed scrapbook paper over the framed artwork hanging on the fireplace and then taped an Easter card I received in the mail on top of the scrapbook paper. 

{The cute Easter card is compliments of my sweet Pi Phi little, Bethany. 
Beth, your card made my day and was the finishing touch for the fireplace decor!}

I jazzed up the fireplace mantle with handmade carrot garland.
One thing I always have plenty of is scrapbook scissors and scrapbook paper!

Again, thankful for Target's dollar section! 
I bought two packs of their metallic eggs and hung them from the branches on our fireplace.

Another cute bunny from my mom!

I bought these bunnies on Saturday before our Easter lunch. 
Did you know the weekend of Easter most of the decor is on sale? 
Thankfully, I snagged these little bunnies at T.J. Maxx for $5.00. 

Well, there you have it, our belated Easter elements!  
Stay tuned for several new and exciting home projects. 
New shelves, curtains, & an ottoman. Oh My!


  1. As a lucky guest, I can attest to how adorable everything looked! Thanks again for having us.

  2. Awe, thanks Leslie! I appreciate your sweet comments and you are guys are welcome to come over whenever :)

  3. You are so creative. I love it all. The carrot garland is adorable. Amazing!!!