Thursday, May 17, 2012


For my birthday, my parents (Tom & Lisa) got me a sewing machine! I'd been wanting a sewing machine for awhile because I love hands-on projects and I love fabrics...and what better way to bring these two loves together than a sewing machine! 

Here's my sewing machine, she's a beaut. Blog friends, meet Molly.

Excited to share my first sewing project for our casa. Although my sewing skills from college were a bit rusty (and when I say a bit I mean EXTREMELY rusty), I think the curtains turned out beautifully. So here's to Molly, Lisa & Tom and all the sewing projects to come!

A sneak peak of the new fabric sample.

We've had these curtains in our bedroom for about four years now and we can't complain. They've been good to us. However, I felt it was time for a change. As you can see from these pics, our bedroom is mainly neutrals with minimal pattern (i.e. our rug). 

We purchased this nuLOOM seafoam rug online from Wayfair and it's been great! 
p.s. the lighting in these picture makes the rug look more green for some reason and it bothers me. 
I felt the need to mention that. I feel better now.

I asked Bayley to get in the picture before the old curtains went down and she closed her eyes. I'm not sure if she was sad to see them go or she was trying to tell me she never wants to look at them again. I believe it's the latter. Good thing the new curtains went up in no time!

Without further ado. 
Bye Bye blue, Hello pattern!

I am really loving the new pop of pattern in our bedroom! When I asked my husband if he liked the new curtains, he said - "it really changes the whole room." ---which made me laugh because he was mocking me. I didn't realize until after he said it, but I say this after the completion of EVERY home project, ha. But nevertheless, I'll say it again...I think it changes the whole room. :)

Although Bayley does not look any happier, at least she can open her eyes now that we have new curtains. I think her serious face is trying to tell me she seriously likes them.

Curtain project accomplished! On to the next project...I am thinking our bed needs some fun pillows, what do you think? While I start on my next sewing project, stay tuned for our study closet makeover next week!! Get excited.