Tuesday, May 22, 2012


My parents surprised Clay & me with the most amazing gift last month while we were celebrating my brother Reed's birthday. The surprise took place in my parent's living room, watching Reed open his birthday presents. 

One gift stood out to me as it was in a bright pink sack with purple tissue paper....which of course I thought was an interesting choice of colors for Reed. Pink for me, obvi. Pink for my brother, odd. Other than the girlish wrapping, I didn't give the present a second thought. 

We were down to the last gift (the PINK one) when my mom announced that it was for me. I was immediately confused. A gift for ME on my BROTHER'S birthday? Hmm, this was not the birthday norm. Knowing my family, my initial thought was - gag gift. I felt certain it would be something funny. Boy, was I wrong!

My mom plopped the present in my lap...much heavier than I expected! When I opened the gift sack, to my surprise, beneath the purple tissue paper was our beautiful wedding album!!! At first I was in shock, quickly followed by tears of joy. BEST.GIFT.EVER.

To fill some of you in, Clay & I were married March 1, 2008 and have been without our wedding album AND wedding images for FOUR years! It's been a long time coming, but I cannot emphasize how much I love our wedding album. I love the story it tells and most of all, I love my parents for giving us this beautiful book of wedding images we will treasure forever and ever!

Here we are afterwards with our wedding album in hand. Beyond thankful :)


erin + clay 

sittin' pretty on our ottoman.

Our photographer {Heather Essian} did an amazing job designing the pages in our wedding album.

Initially, my goal was to choose our top ten favorites, 
but my excitement got the best of me (plus, Heather's photography skills make it too hard to choose just ten). 

Our long awaited wedding images are below for your viewing pleasure. Oh happy day!

the dress.

getting ready at the Four Seasons with my mom.

happy day. 


seeing each other for the first time on our wedding day. 
goodbye kisses before we headed to the Las Colinas Canals. 

clay + his groomsmen.

me+ my lovely bridesmaids.

my sister + brothers.

our wedding party.



Off to Plymouth Park Church for the ceremony.

our wedding programs.

post-ceremony silliness with my dad.

post-ceremony hugs with my mom.

my cake-topper. handmade by my mom!

my cake. yummm.
clay's cake. sic'em bears.

our first dance.

I could keep posting more of our wedding pictures, but I'll leave you with this image.
My dad (a.k.a. Tommy Travolta) dancing with my cousin, Lauren
If this picture doesn't tell you how much fun we had, then I don't know what will. 

Our wedding, captured so beautifully by Heather, was a blast and 
I am so thankful to be able to share our wedding images from this happy day!


  1. Your pictures are ABSOLUTELY amazing! I am just in awe of how beautiful they are...i MUST have a photographer like that :)

  2. Stunning!!! Looks like a beautiful wedding and great photo book!

  3. Thanks Rachel & Alison! Your sweet comments made my day :)