Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Hand me downs. Gotta love 'em. I feel very thankful that we have inherited furniture from our families!

This great piece was handed down to me by my Aunt Denise & Paula. So I would like to give them a thank you shout-out for generously giving us this frame for our house! My initial thought when I saw the artwork was...oriental is not my style. However, after thinking about the frame a bit more, I made up my mind that I could make it my own!

{Before. The Oriental Frame.}

On the drive home from their house, I brainstormed the best way to remove the Chinese heads. I decided a screwdriver would do the j-o-b! To my pleasant surprise the heads popped off with ease!

Once the Chinese heads were removed, I headed (pun intended) to Hobby Lobby in search of pretty scrapbook paper. I hit every traffic light on the way there and took this as a sign that I should get out of my car and do a Chinese fire drill in remembrance of the Chinese heads I had just removed. Which is exactly what I did. Ha, ha. Just kidding. I'm messing with you guys.

Joking aside, I am glad scrapbook paper is inexpensive because I have difficulty resisting all of the beautiful colors and patterns Hobby Lobby has to offer! I chose paper to complement the color scheme in our front living/dining room. I then cut the scrapbook paper to fit the squares (that once housed the oriental heads) and taped the scrapbook paper in place!
{Let's face it. Removed heads = a fabulous face lift. The new frame!} 

I love projects, but I especially L.O.V.E. projects that can be accomplished in a day's time! Do you have any artwork that is not exactly your style anymore? Take a step back and ask yourself...can I add scrapbook paper to it? can I paint it? can I remove anything? can I glue anything to it? More than likely, the answer is yes...so get started brainstorming and let your head get carried away! 


  1. I want to know where you got that UH-mazing chandelier?!

  2. Kristen, at a wonderful place called LHO - Design & Consign. I would highly recommend going there! Here is their website: www.lhoconsignment.com

  3. Great diy project! and I love that chandelier!