Friday, July 29, 2011


Picture this. How neat would it be to look back on every year you were married and see how much you and your hubby (or wife) have changed? Really neat, if you ask me! Well, hip hip hooray - with this project, you can do just that. 
{Our Anniversary Album}
The fantastic thing about an anniversary album is you have the ability to make it your very elaborate as you like or you can keep it simple. I have always been a scrapbook lover (and still am) so I started this book as a simple way to remember each year of our marriage.
Two things to keep in mind:
1. If you have been married for a few years it is not too late! You can catch up in no time...only a picture a year!
2. If you have not tied the knot, you should tuck this idea away and be sure to use it when you have your first anniversary!
{first anniversary}

{second anniversary}

{third anniversary}
 As I uploaded the pictures for my blog post, I just realized that our third anniversary has the wrong date!
Ha, ha. Please paste carefully my friends. :0)
 The album is from Hobby Lobby and the silver engraved piece is from Things Remembered. At Things Remembered, you can choose from different shapes and they will engrave whatever wording you want. Our says "Our Anniversaries" and it simply adheres to the surface of the album. The corner stickers are pretty niftty and are from hobby lobby as well. 
If you have little ones, this would also be a terrific idea for their birthdays. A single picture on each page showing how they have grown over the years. Another item I would be sure to include in this album is their birthday invitation on the opposite page. Oh yes, I can see it now. Fun. Fun. Fun. I am going to tuck this idea away until we have baby Pickerings.

Even if you are not a "picture taker," you can do this project. Remember only ONE picture a year! Hope this idea inspires you to come up with your own way to scrapbook your anniversaries and/or kiddos birthdays. Happy scrapping!

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  1. Great idea and great gift idea. Don't worry about the date goof-just say you were in Europe, since that's how they write March 1st over there!