Friday, July 8, 2011


Happy Friday all! I'll preface this blog entry by saying, if you like jewelry and enjoy accessorizing then this post is right up your alley!

Are your earrings in need of a home? Well, here is a great (& simple) DIY project that everyone can create. All you need is old shutters and some mesh and you are well on your way!

I used to search for earrings in my bathroom drawer and was never able to find a matching pair. Now I shutter at the thought of searching! Which is why I highly recommend this project. Once your earrings are visible and organized, you will find yourself wearing them more often. An easy project that makes accessorizing easier! Yes, please!

But, you may be asking yourself....where can I find old shutters? I would recommend searching at salvage yards and antique stores, but my number one recommendation is First Monday in Canton, TX. If you have the chance to drive there, you will find tons of shutter options....and tons of other neat things (I am sure of it)!

{my earring holder}

To continue with the jewelry theme, here is another great way to organize your necklaces. However, this handy dandy holder was hand crafted by my talented dad + my mom's sewing expertise.

If only I had a before picture to show you!! It started out as an old and ugly medicine cabinet we found at a salvage yard and as you can see was transformed into something lovely.  

{outside of my necklace holder}

All of the old door knobs and decor attached to the front were found at the same salvage yard.

 {the inside}

These purposeful pockets were sewn by my mom. She used a shower curtain we found at Big Lots. The sheer fabric was perfect because it allows you to see what each pocket holds. I hope to have my mom's sewing skills when I grow up.

I love my jewelry holders and use them on a daily basis! I encourage you to find a creative way to display your jewelry.
I know you will thoroughly enjoy having your accessories organized.

And last but certainly not least! A birthday shout out to my wonderful dad on his birthday!



  1. Too cute! I saw something like the earring holder on etsy...very fun!

  2. That is amazing, I so need to keep my eyes open for an old cabinet now!