Sunday, July 6, 2014


mirrored window 
20" wide, left side is 19" and right side slopes to 14"
$30 (it's heavy-duty!)

oval mirrors (I have 2 of these)
white frame is a hard plastic material (could be easily spray painted)
30" height x 24" width
$20 each or $35 for the pair

black iron birds (hold tea lights)
shorter bird is 6" tall and bigger bird is 10" tall
birds measure 9" from beak to tail
$20 for pair

set of lanterns with hurricane glasses 
5.5" square x 13" tall
$15 for the pair

off-white & grey, round ceramic owl 
7" wide x 7.5" tall

tall ceramic off-white, taupe & black vase
9.5" wide base x 5.5 wide top x 18" tall

organizational wall holder
14.5" wide x 24" tall 

Paris themed decorative suitcases 
12" length x 4.25" wide x 10" tall (larger) 
10" length x 3.5" wide x 8" tall (smaller) 

decorative balls (14 total)

silver picture frame with double matte
20" tall x 17" wide

gold shelf
18" long x widest part of semi-circle which is 9"
$10 SOLD

grey + golden paisley fabric shower curtain 
$10 (on hold)

amber-colored glass lamps
silver accents with white lampshades

vintage swag light (plugs-in) 
18.5" shade height x 12" width
top view of swag light: 

silver hanging lanterns
$10 each

set of white/gold nesting tables
{could be easily spray painted}
$40 for all 3 SOLD

pair of ceramic foo dogs
base is 7.5" x 5.5" and overall height is 15"
$20 for the pair (small crack on back side of one statue)

square wooden side table
19" length  x 19" width x 22.5 height

vintage chair (seat cushion easily recovered)
18" seat height/39" back height x 20" wide (w/ arms 25" wide) x 16" deep

pair of vintage chairs: SOLD

pair of metal ballerinas
19" tall and base is 4" x 4" black wood block
$25 for the pair SOLD

set of 8 letters for $40
wrought iron piece is 40" x 40" for $20 (heavy-duty!)
 antique desk: SOLD

set of light blue pillows
18" long x 12" height
$20 for the pair

medallion design pillows 
19" square
$20 for the pair

light blue pillow, 18" square: $10
light blue rectangle pillow, 20" long x 8" height $10

set of chevron pillows 16" square

set of large coral pillows
24" square
$40 for the pair

white/gold lumbar pillow: $10
white/red lumbar pillow 17" long x 10" height: $10

khaki/orange floral set of pillows 17"
(on hold)


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