Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Two fabulous new finds for our study and I couldn't be happier. Wait till you hear the prices (or lack there of)!

The first find is a desk chair, found at a charity garage sale. I have been searching for a vintage desk chair for awhile with the following requirements:

{the look}
  • antique
  • fabric/leather in good condition
  • coordinating colors with our study

{the functionality}
  • seat with cushion for comfort
  • swivel chair on wheels

My goal was to find a vintage chair for around $20, but I was one lucky girl on my Saturday afternoon garage sale hunt. This particular garage sale was nearing it's end and the garage sellers were looking to get rid of everything. Instructions when you entered the backyard : grab a box and anything you can fit in it is $5. What a deal! Unfortunatly there wasn't much left to choose from.

However, from across the driveway I locked eyes with a lovely desk chair. I could tell from afar it would meet all of my above requirements. I quickly walked over to the chair and knew it was meant to be.

Then I immediately asked if I could fit the chair in a box so my purchase could qualify for the five dollar rule I had just heard about. And to my surprise the man replied, "But THEN it would be five dollars." I was confused. What did this mean?

He explained...well, you can fit it in a box and then it would be five dollars, but it's only FOUR! Shocked at his four dollar response, I almost had to take a seat in the chair I was so excitedly about to purchase.

Obviously, I said, "I will take it!"

{the old (but new to me) desk chair}

The second find is another antique piece - a vintage radio. My mom gets all the credit for this fun find. It was sitting on a curb in my parent's neighborhood for FREE. An iPhone text (with picture) later and it was in the back of my parent's Suburban and on it's way to my house. The dials are missing, but I am on the lookout for antique knobs as replacements. This piece is still in the works, but it goes wonderfully in our study with the new desk chair addition! 

{the old (but new to me) radio}

Moral of the story: I highly recommend and encourage everyone to be on the lookout for estate sale and garage sale signs this weekend. Take a moment to stop...you never know what one-of-a-kind finds you will come across.

AND stay tuned (pun intended) for a lamp re-do in the study!


  1. WOW, that is awesome!!! especially the radio - who can argue with FREE?! and now not only is it great to look at, but you have a cute story to go along with it! :)