Thursday, April 7, 2011


My hubby is a big Baylor fan and loves to tailgate at the BU football for Christmas, I ordered him a gift he could use for the upcoming football season. The game of cornhole! (In Texas, it is more commonly referred to as the bean bag game.)
After researching online I discovered there weren't many options for Baylor boards so I made the decision to order unpainted boards and paint them myself. I was excited about the idea of a blank canvas as I was a studio art major at Baylor and haven't painted many projects like this since I graduated.

Here is a preview of the unpainted wood:

Since the boards represent opposing teams, I painted them with different Baylor logos. Thanks to the help of a handy dandy tracer, I was able to draw the BU and Baylor bear to scale with ease. After picking out a lovely green and gold at Lowes and painting several layers of paint, the boards are complete. All they lack now is a protective coat and they are ready for play! 


Baylee with the finished Baylor boards. Sic'em Bears!


  1. I just came across your site after Googling Baylor pictures and love these boards. I'm a BU grad and was wondering where you got the tracer for these?


  2. Hi- I'm a Baylor grad and LOVE this idea- where did you get the tracers?? Please email me at

  3. Those look great! Can you e-mail me with where you found the tracers?

  4. Oops, my e-mail is