Friday, February 4, 2011


Well, hello again. Did you foreshadow it would take me longer to make my next post? I'd imagine so since it took me such a long time to make my second entry!

But have no fear, the third post is here! I won't let this freezing weather overshadow my ability to write another blog entry. Speaking of foreshadowing & overshadowing...let's talk about the next Breath of Fresh Erin reveal:

A shadowbox. This is not just any shadowbox. It was not found at a salvage yard or an estate sale....although I do love to find items at these places. This shadowbox is special because it was built by my great grandfather in the late 70's. He had a little woodshop in good ole' Abilene, Texas and built this shadowbox for my grandmother who then passed it down to my mom and now it is in my house!

The shadowbox has been painted several different colors in the past thirty years so some serious scraping needed to take place in order to get the wood back to its original state. Unfortunately, scraping off the old layers of paint  proved to be a very difficult job. Lots of elbow grease required and since my muscles are a bit lacking, my dad assisted with this part of the project. I feel very lucky that Tom is always there to tackle my tough design dilemmas!

Here's a look at the beforeshadow:

& the aftershadow:

Without a shadow of a doubt, I think the scraping paid off! The only problem now is my small obsession with decorative balls...and the only problem with the previous statement is that small obsession is a huge understatement! Although, I don't feel too bad about my obsession because Bayley has an obsession as well...but her obsession is with tennis balls. To each their own.

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  1. I love this! and the picture of your dog with her tennis balls is great. Good job!!